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Do Blocker Pill Work

What are carb blockers or starch blocker pills?

Drop into any pharmacy or supermarket and you will see many brands of carb blocker pills for sale. The carb blocker pills or more specifically, starch blocker pills are supposed to block carbohydrate absorption from the food you have eaten for weight management and weight loss purposes.

They are generally made from the bean and wheat germ extracts especially white kidney beans. Carb blocker pills when taken are supposed to inhibit the release of a digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase that breaks down starchy carbohydrates. This then prevents carbohydrates or starch from converting into glucose and then to body fat. The unabsorbed carbs are then passed through the intestinal tracts and subsequently excreted.

Are there any side effects from taking carb blockers?

Some people suffer from various minor side effects and discomforts such as bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after taking the carb blocker pills. However, carb blocker manufacturers consistently claim that these symptoms are actually indications that the starch blocker pills are working just fine.

Do carb blocker pills really work?

Are carb blocker pills effective in blocking carbohydrate absorption? Early reports and researches are not very convincing. However, recent studies at the Mayo Clinic seem to suggest that much higher doses than those found in most commercial carb blocker pills did slow carbohydrate absorption but was not proven that they could help people to lose weight.

Then what is my take on carb blocker pills?

Well, if it is just as simple as popping some magical pills and you will lose weight and manage your weight successfully, then the developed world should be able to solve its obesity problems easily along with many obesity-related diseases. Apparently, this is not the case.

So from this simple fact, you can draw your own conclusion whether carb blocker pills indeed do work.

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