Fishing Sea Walls As A New Hobby

Tired of fishing with your GPS and finding nothing, tired of dragging that Carolina rig all over the bottom of the lake, tired of trying to come across that magic spot on the lake. Well, you may be ready to try your hand at fishing rocky riprap or seawalls, those obvious shorelines, hugging features found on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs across the county. These forms of cover can hold bass throughout the year. These spots are simple to find and are easy to fish. Here are some tips for fishing rip rap and seawalls.

SEAWALL PATTERN: When there’s a large surface mat of water hyacinths has blown up against a long stretch of seawall. When you tie on a Gary Yamamoto custom bait 3 inches fat baby craw, with a big bullet weight and begin picking the floating vegetation apart. Fishing floating mats against a seawall or near the seawall, there’s usually clean water underneath it all the way to the wall. This is a good spot due to combined horizontal cover with vertical and its open underneath. That crawl space will attract a lot of space.

Flip right through the top of the mat and start at the deep edge. But don’t forget to fish the seam between the mat and the seawall.

GIVE THE SEAWALL A HUG: One technique is paralleling the wall with hard plastic lures and buzz baits. Also hugging the wall with a lizard, tube, worm, and creature is just as important. One of the most important things if your pitching against the wall is to get the bait to fall as close to the wall If you are using a bait caster you have to feed line out to allow the bait to fall up against the wall. If you are using a spinning reel it’s the same just don’t close the bell until the bait hits the bottom. The other you can do is pitch the lure toward the wall and have it hit 1 to 3 inches before the wall, and then peel offline. It tends to fall more toward the wall.

PARALLEL PARKING FOR BASS: When it comes to bass fish there are not too many hard and fast rules but when you come across a seawall and lines of rip rap, one rule rings come to mind. Take a casting angle that enables them to be paralleled with a lure. Another lure of choice for fishing seawalls and rip rap or bulkheads are throwing a top water and spinner baits in the morning, then a lidless crank bait or shallow diving crank bait later in the day. But regardless of the lure, always parallel them as much as possible and at least 45 degrees to them, depending on the water depth and position the fish are in. Remember to put your lure as close to the wall as possible, or even bang it off the wall as you bring it back to the boat.

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