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Lose Belly Fat: Here’s How

In order to build lean muscle, the most important element is definitely the metabolism. This may not be obvious to you because you’ve probably heard so many times that cardio is your friend. Yet the truth is that without proper fat-burning metabolism, it’s really impossible to get toned and trim.

So what is the relationship between metabolism and weight loss? Well, the answer can best be described as little. Metabolism plays a big role in how much weight you lose because your metabolism is active the entire time.

The problem with cardio is that it has an effect on your metabolism only when it’s done. It’s basically just cutting out on everything else. Of course, you can take small steps with short bursts and I think it is healthy and may work for you.

However, this is all in terms of improving your metabolism and not exactly putting it on steroids. Let’s look at what your body requires to gain muscle mass.

Protein is a great source of energy for your body to use. In fact, one of the reasons why we crave carbohydrates is because protein is such a great source of energy. That means when we go on a fast, our bodies require the right amount of carbs to supply us with the right amount of energy to sustain us through the process. So this goes for building muscle and losing fat.

Proteins also contain amino acids and these are broken down into glucose or even used as fuel for the brain. Think about this for a second.

You have a high carb intake that is taken away after your metabolism is stimulated through a workout, and when you stimulate it again by going on a diet where you cut out carbs and raise your protein intake. Now your body has the right amount of carbs plus more, and it can replenish the calories from the glucose is used up from the first fat attack. And it can also fill the empty calories on the scale.

When we do muscle training, we generally only do small sets of reps with low reps for these kinds of workouts. Because we are stimulating our muscles, therefore burning fat, we will basically just keep doing this until we get tired and then recover at the gym.

Our bodies will do this until it can no longer support their metabolic rate. What happens then is that the metabolism actually begins to slow down and as a result, our body will retain its weight, rather than lose it. Now, our body needs to replace the energy and get rid of the calories.

The question remains: Do you want your body to retain the weight rather than losing it? By increasing your protein intake and lowering your carbohydrate intake it is possible for your body to burn off the fats you just burned away.

This is why it is critical to burning the right calories. When it comes to losing belly fat, you need to be able to eat the right foods and not just the wrong foods.

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