Lose Weight and Find Hidden Calories

If it seems that you have been eating as usual and the pounds seem to be creeping on – you could be a victim of hidden calories.

When we are busy, stressed, or focused on something else we reach for convenient snacks that are usually high in fat. This unconscious eating will add up to a whole of extra calories in the course of a day or week. This mindless eating is nothing more than a habit that can be broken.

To get this habit under control write down everything you eat for the next 3 weeks everything! Be on guard for those times when you are more susceptible to unconscious eating.

You find bowls of candy on coworkers’ desks

Your coworkers bring in doughnuts and pastries

Office gatherings – where you will always lots of fatty food

You’re cooking dinner and sample the food – these calories add up

Your children don’t eat all their food, you eat that too, more calories

While talking on the phone there goes how many cookies?

When you are worried

When you are happy

You eat the bread that is served before the meal

You have a drink before your meal

You eat dessert which you usually don’t do

Endless party snacks that are full of fat and calories

Talking while you eat is the easiest way to take in those extra calories

Then those drinks again it is easy to stack up the calories

Watching Television:

We are so focused on what we are watching that we pay little attention to how much we are eating.

The first step is to tune in and be aware of those times that you do consume extra calories. Then find ways to avoid them. For example, how do you avoid the candies on coworkers’ desks? First, become aware of how many calories there are in each candy and how long it will take to burn those calories off. You will look at the candies differently when you think of them in this light. If high fat snacking is a temptation at work bring some low-fat food to keep you full and your hand out of the candy jar. To avoid eating a lot at a party eat a little before you go so you won’t be hungry and tempted to snack on everything you see. As for alcohol, you can delete your drinks with water.

One pound is equal to 3,500 calories. Depending on your gender, age, muscle mass, and size you need approximately 2000 calories per day to stay at your normal weight. When you consume more than this amount your body stores the added calories as fat. If you go over your daily requirement then you will have to exercise to get rid of those calories.

If you go to this site you will be able to calculate how many calories you need to maintain your weight. (The weight is in kilos)

Check out this site to find out how many calories are in candies and junk food

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