The Beginner’s Guide to Learn how To Hide Stretch Marks

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and because it is on the outside it is the first thing people see so, how do you hide stretch marks or other skin imperfections? One way is to use concealers.

The problem with a lot of the concealers you can buy over the counter, though, is that they are heavy and usually end up caking in your wrinkles and lines making you look even more hideous than you did without it. Just kidding about the hideous part. But they can make you look worse than you would with nothing at all.

If you are trying to hide stretchmarks with a concealer then the problem would be doing so without getting the stuff all over your clothes. You could just be content to cover them up with the clothes you wear. Styles are such that layering is very in these days and that can be very useful if you are trying to cover something up like an extra bulge or even stretch marks.

There is a product called Smart Cover, and it is a concealer that will cover just about anything flawlessly. Once you put it on it stays on and will not come off until you take it off. It can cover a multitude of sins including stretch marks, blemishes, and even freckles. It is available on the internet for around $30.

Another product that I found during my research on this subject is something called Bio-Oil. Bio-Oil is intended to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by rubbing it into the skin twice a day for 3 months, minimum. Safe to use during your pregnancy after the beginning of the second trimester, it can help prevent the stretch marks from starting by keeping the skin soft and supple.

Anyone can use Bio-Oil, pregnant women, weight lifters, people who have gained weight, and even teenagers who have sprouted like weeds and grown six inches in a year. The odds that you will develop stretch marks depends on several factors. Age, because the older you get the less collagen and elastin are produced; skin type, because those with drier skin will develop them more easily; race, because the fairer you are the more prone to stretch marks you are.

Diet and hydration status also play a big role in the formation of stretch marks. If you do not get the recommended daily allowances of some vital nutrients and you do not drink enough water every day then you are also more prone to the development of stretch marks. These factors have to continually occur over some time to have the adverse effects and if this is your case stretch marks may be the least of your worries.

Bio-Oil is available for purchase over the counter at any of your favorite pharmacies, discount stores, or grocery stores for under $20 for a four-ounce bottle.

So, to hide stretch marks you can use these products or do some more research and find some other products. I profiled these two here because they seem like they would be very effective and were very reasonably priced.

Union J France